Are you looking for a great way to earn some extra money? Look no further. Now YOU can easily earn a fortune with an explosive business  providing an honest, legitimate product to millions of hungry customers. Best of all you can do it right from the comfort of your  home! No personal selling. No MLM!

     My name is Terry Thomas and I own a Direct Marketing Company specializing in selling information. But that’s not why I want you. You see, we also sell mailing lists—lots of them. Long ago I discovered the money making potential of selling quality mailing lists. I also discovered something else — that I could help a lot of other people make money while increasing my own business. How? By using independent entrepreneurs to broker our mailing lists.

     This could very well be the perfect business! I cannot think of an easier way to make a potential fortune with a minimal amount of work. All you do is promote our mailing lists, and we give you EVERYTHING you need to do that. When someone orders a mailing list from your efforts, we give you a 50% commission. That means you’ll earn up to $125 or more on a single sale! If that doesn’t excite you I think you need to check your pulse! You see, I want to give you a chance to make some money — a lot of money! You don’t have to sell just our lists, I show you how to sell ANY list and make a huge income—up to $50,000 a year or more!

This Is A Complete Business

     Please don’t think that this is another “get-rich-quick” scheme or some sort of bogus dealership.  I’ve been in this business too long and have too good a reputation to risk it by selling any such garbage! This is a complete business. It is really quite simple — you’ll be brokering mailing lists. You get the leads, we convert the sales. We pay you 50% commission! Sounds  too easy, right? Well, it really is that easy — once you learn how to do it! You’ll receive everything you need to start right away. You see, I NEED you to succeed, because if you don’t make money, neither do I!

     You’ll receive the most complete turn-key business available. You can start making money right away! Your Mailing List Broker Kit comes complete and ready to go, with custom marketing materials —  all designed to pull orders fast! The orders come to you. You then keep 50% and send the rest to us and we’ll drop ship the order!. Don’t want that hassle? No problem, we also include a complete commission distributorship. With this option, we assign you a Personal ID Number (PIN). All the orders come to us —  by mail, phone or fax. When we get an order with your PIN, you get credit for the sale! At the end of the month, we tally the sales and send you off a fat commission check! Plus, every time your customer orders another list from us you’ll continue to receive a 50% commission! That’s right, you’ll continue to earn residual commissions over and over again!

     Every day, more than 30,000 potential customers enter the market. There is NO WAY we can possibly reach all of these customers. You can help us do this, and we’ll pay you to do it! Believe me, this market is HUGE — you’ll never run out of potential customers. Plus, we’ll help you every step of the way. Why? Because our business depends on it! You are part of our team! We don’t make a lot of money selling you this Mailing List Broker Kit. The small cost barely covers the materials and processing time to set you up in our computer. No, the way we make money is by selling our mailing lists — and that’s where you’ll make money too! These are some of the best lists in the industry. You’ll be proud to sell them and your customers will be happy too!

     I don’t care what other programs you’ve purchased before or are currently promoting. This is like none of those and can work in conjunction with what you’re already doing! This complete system is designed for you to succeed right away! I’ll show you how to get 500-700 prospects every week by only spending a few dollars! I’ll show you how to reach “secret” customers that few people know about—customers that rent thousands of names a month! You could literally rake in an extra $700 a week or more by working only a few hours a week. This is NOT hype—it is true! The potential earnings are limitless and depend only on your efforts!


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